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This is the official website of Lizza Gebilagin, a magazine writer and editor who moulds sentences to make women cry, laugh or have the ovaries (not balls) to take on the world. Her favourite topics to write about are health and fitness, relationships and life lessons. Stay and read.

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Lizza Gebilagin


 “F*ck it, just do it (and then write an article or make a video about the sometimes disastrous, often hilarious consequences).”

– My very wise life motto –


Published articles

My work currently reaches more than 2 million Australian readers every month in body+soul with the national Sunday News Corp papers. I’ve also worked for iconic Australian titles Cleo and Dolly, Women’s Fitness and Rolling Stone. Click on the images below for a sample of my favourite published articles.

“If you want to be able to aspire to do anything you really care about, you need to be willing to get your heart broken.”

– My favourite quote from Ronda Rousey during our sit-down interview in Sydney –


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