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Lizza at deskHi friends,

Here’s the quick intro: I get paid to write articles, edit magazines and produce videos.

One day I’d like to be paid to box. I recently discovered a Hawaiian boxer by the name of Eileen Olszewski. Three things interest me about her: she’s the current world champion, she’s 48, and she started professionally boxing at  38. So it’s never to late to follow your dreams, even for me in my thirties, wanting to embark on a boxing career.

Before stumbling upon Eileen online, I had come to accept that writing was the only career I was meant to have. It’s as natural to me as breathing or shitting. Even tonight, as you read this and after a day of writing at work, I’ll go home and purge all my thoughts in my journal. See? Like shitting.

Here’s a brief history of the ways I’ve exchanged words for money:

Freelance health and lifestyle writer and editor (my current gig); deputy editor of body+soul with the Sunday Telegraph (my last full-time money-maker); deputy editor and executive video producer of women’s magazine Cleo and teen magazine Dolly (yep, that’s running two brands with the one team); chief subeditor and video producer of Women’s Fitness (you should’ve seen the bruises after I fought in a mixed martial arts fight for a video series); chief subeditor of Cleo (I loved conducting ‘field research’ for dating articles); freelance subeditor at Cosmopolitan Australia, TV Week, and Qantas magazine; editorial assistant of Rolling Stone (my very first taste of magazine land).

There was also a time when I spent thousands of dollars to get my work – and those of others – published. It was 2008 when I launched an independent pop culture magazine Corker. It was a print magazine, distributed in newsagents in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, and sold online. I financed it myself with the money I was earning in my full-time jobs. It was simultaneously the biggest failure and greatest learning experience of my life. The Summer 2011-2012 issue was the last one published.

I’ve also done a bunch of speaking gigs at the Powerhouse Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art for the Vivid Festival, attended Australia’s most prestige’s acting school NIDA to complete a one-year TV presenting course, and was a finalist for the Voice Media Awards, which recognises the best reporting on animal rights issues in 2010 and 2015. Oh yes, and I twice ran as a political candidate. First in the NSW state elections; second in the federal elections. Both in 2008. Both times I came third.

Here’s what I’m doing now.

Check out some of my work.

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