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Jamie Oliver tackles childhood obesity crisis

November 4, 2016.Celebrity profiles

Jamie Oliver wants Aussie politicians to "grow some balls" to combat the obesity crisis faced by Aussie kids. He shares his plans with Lizza Gebilagin Jamie Oliver is like the big brother you always wanted. The kind who wouldn’t hesitate to stand up to anyone bullying you in the playground – no matter how tough, [...]

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Model Bree Warren sparks the plus size debate around body image

May 31, 2016.Health and fitness.#body image

Women everywhere are asking, how is the very healthy and fit Bree Warren (that’s her pictured) classified as a plus-size model, and what does that mean for the rest of us?

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The female fighters breaking gender stereotypes

May 30, 2016.Health and fitness.#boxing

Meet the Aussie female fighters who are smashing the gender stereotypes, and paving the way for a new wave of women to take up combat sports. Photo: Nigel Lough/body+soul ‘‘When women come to my boxing gym, for them it’s like falling  in love with a boyfriend,” Lauryn Eagle (pictured) says. “They’re in love with boxing. [...]

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