Lizza Gebilagin: writer, editor & video producer

What I’m doing now

Right now, you’ll find me in Sydney, Australia. Here’s what’s taking up my days at the moment:

  • writing my first book on how fucking amazing life can be when you face your fears (or cleaning my apartment, I call it “effective procrastination”)
  • celebrating my first boxing tournament win on the weekend! Woo! You may now refer to me as “King of the Ring” (women are kings, too)
  • training for my next fight, whenever that happens to be (I want to be fight-ready even at a moment’s notice); time in the gym also doubles as sweaty time with my husband (we were married in January)
  • writing/thinking up cool ideas for the Collective Hub, body+soul print and online, and
  • listening to podcasts (Tim Ferriss and My Dad Wrote A Porno) and reading books (Wild by Cheryl Strayed and The Memoir Book by Patti Miller)
  • eating home-cooked Filipino dishes with my family and looking after my grandma every Friday.

My intention for 2017 is to finish my book and win boxing titles.

If you have a fun project you’d like me to work on, please email me.

If the project isn’t going to make me smile, save your email for someone else on LinkedIn.

This page was last updated in April 27, 2017.

This is a Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers after hearing him on Tim Ferriss’ podcast.

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