What I’m doing now

Right now, you’ll find me in Sydney, Australia. Here’s what’s taking up my days at the moment:

Happy Mum = Happy Bub

Feeding, bum-wiping and the general entertaining of my small human. I’ve also prioritised heading to the gym most mornings, because a Happy Mum = Happy Bub.

Speaking of Small Humans

Speaking of small humans, I’m currently editing season 2 of my podcast, Holy Sh!t I’m Pregnant. I should probably change the title to, Holy Sh!t I’ve Had a Baby.

Part-Time Executive Editor

Women’s Health has come back from the dead! Hurrah! And I’ve returned to the team as an Executive Editor part-time, working across podcasts, the mag and online.

This Now page was updated on 10 May 2021. It was inspired by Derek Sivers after hearing him talk about a Now page on Tim Ferriss’ podcast.



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