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I’m Lizza Gebilagin, a Sydney-based journalist, editor and podcast producer who moulds sentences to make women cry, laugh or have the courage to take on the world. I like to create content on health and fitness, relationships and life lessons. I was also a national-level amateur boxer. This website is my official little corner of the online sphere. Stay and explore.


What really happens from that first ‘holy shit’ moment when the pregnancy test comes back positive to navigating weird bodily changes, identity, relationships and life with the little human?

Join me in this podcast series, Holy Sh!t I’m Pregnant, as I track down Australia’s leading experts and have a few raw conversations with my own friends to find out.



Featured work

My work currently reaches Aussies every month in Women’s Health.
I’ve also worked for iconic Australian titles Cleo and Dolly, body+soul with the national Sunday News Corp papers, Women’s Fitness and Rolling Stone.
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A collection of thoughts and recent work.

What I’m doing now

Right now, you’ll find me in Sydney, Australia. Here’s what’s taking up my days at the moment:

Happy Mum = Happy Bub

A lot of my day is spent feeding, bum-wiping and entertaining my small human. I’ve also prioritised heading to the gym first thing in the morning, because a Happy Mum = Happy Bub.

Speaking of Small Humans...

I’m currently editing season 2 of my podcast, Holy Sh!t I’m Pregnant. I should probably change the title to ‘Holy Sh!t I’ve Had a Baby’.

WH Executive Editor

Women’s Health has come back from the dead! Hurrah! And I’m returning to the team as an Executive Editor part-time, working across podcasts, the mag and online.

This Now page was updated on 21 April 2021. It was inspired by Derek Sivers after hearing him talk about a Now page on Tim Ferriss’ podcast.


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