Holy Sh!t I’m Pregnant podcast

Why is it that once we fall pregnant, it feels like women are treated like we’re exact replicas of each other when we’re not? In this narrative-style podcast, I track down Australia’s leading health experts, and a diverse range of women, to have honest chats about pregnancy health, anxiety, the first few months with the little human, and how they answered the all-important question of “who am I now?”

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Episode 1: The pregnancy reveal

The first we usually hear of someone in our extended circle successfully procreating is on social media. Or, if you happen to live in California where your friends start a wildfire in a pyrotechnic-gender-reveal-gone-wrong, then the first you’ll hear of their reproductive efforts is on the news. Either way, it’s just a quick highlight. There’s always so much more to the story. That’s what this episode is all about: that first ‘holy shit’ moment when the pregnancy test comes back positive and the events leading up to it. Because when it happened to me 20 weeks ago, during lockdown and feeling totally isolated, these are the conversations I wish I’d had at the time. In this episode, we cover COVID lockdown babies, pregnancy loss, solo motherhood, PCOS and fertility treatments.

Episode 2: My body has a mind of its own!

Like everyone else, before my body started the amazing process of creating a human, I knew I might experience nausea – it’s the most common question people ask me when they want to know how my pregnancy has been. But I didn’t know about all the other pregnancy body changes, from the really weird (like how the smell of your wee can get stronger) to the curious (such as the appearance of skin pigmentation) and the weirdly painful (like the brilliantly named “lightning crotch” also known as the less porn-star-sounding name of “lightning pain”). And all those pregnancy body changes are what this episode is about.

Episode 3: Holy. Sh!!!!t. (The anxiety episode)

For me, the anxiety usually starts with a thought. A “what if” that spirals into the worst possible scenario, the fear spreading through my body until it stuns me immobile. The other day it was in reaction to the news that my placenta was still covering my cervix.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to reign in anxious thoughts during my pregnancy. And after chatting with a range of women for this podcast, I know these emotional challenges are something many of us share. So, that’s what this episode is all about: the strategies that have helped us get through, the expert recommendations on what we can do, and how to recognise when we need extra help from the pros.

Episode 4: Sh!t Hollywood gets wrong about childbirth

Hollywood has a lot of bad pregnancy expectations to answer for. You know, the sort which ends in a speedy but horrific labour where she’s rushed to the hospital so that she can scream-push a three-month-old baby out of her vagina. Oh, and don’t worry about any lasting effects of any trauma she’s experienced in the hospital because, cut to the next scene, everyone is living happily ever after. So, that’s why in this episode, we’re talking about what it means to have an empowered birth instead. We’ll be exploring real stories of preparing for childbirth and who to have on your side, so that you have the most unHollywood like experience possible.







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