Episode 4: Shit Hollywood gets wrong about childbirth

Hollywood has a lot of bad pregnancy expectations to answer for. You know, the sort that has a woman frantically finding a toilet to spew in, but only in the early days as the first sign she’s knocked up, followed by a heart-warming montage of her growing belly, ultrasound appointments and nursery decorating, all of which ends in a speedy but horrific labour where she’s rushed to the hospital so that she can scream-push a three-month-old baby out of her vagina. Oh, and don’t worry about any lasting effects of any trauma she’s experienced in the hospital because, cut to the next scene, everyone is living happily ever after

So, that’s why in this episode, we’re talking about what it means to have an empowered birth instead. We’ll be exploring real stories of preparing for childbirth and who to have on your side, so that you have the most unHollywood like experience possible.

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Thank you to the experts and guests

Women’s health physiotherapist Anna Scammell (www.thewholemother.com); personal trainer Tanya Poppett (www.instagram.com/tanyapoppett); doula Renee Adair, founder of the Australian Doula College; money expert Serina Bird, author of The Joyful Frugalista; midwife Sarah Tooke (www.childbirtheducationonline.com.au); Josie Rozenberg-Clarke, co-host of The Zest Is History.

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Episode show notes

Porn and bad sex

You know that article I mentioned I wrote for Cleo on why porn has a lot of bad sex to answer for? You can read it here.

Minimising those perineal tears and pelvic floor issues

Women’s health physiotherapist Anna Scammell has a great eBook on what to do during pregnancy and another on postpartum exercises, available on The Whole Mother. She also has an online course, called thepregnancyacademy.com.au.

Finding a doula

Head to the doula directory on the Australian Doula College page to find one near you.

Online antenatal classes

Midwife Sarah Tooke offers three types of online programs (with added Zoom calls so you still get that contact with her directly): Childbirth and ParentingCaesarean & Parenting Program; and a Parenting Program. If you’re in Sydney, you can also see her one-on-one.

Lizza Gebilagin is a freelance journalist and podcast producer based in Sydney. She’s the former deputy editor of Women’s Health Australia, body + soul, Cleo and Dolly magazines, and co-host and producer of the podcast, Uninterrupted by Women’s Health Australia. She’s also a NSW boxing champion who has competed in the World Championship Qualifiers, National Championships and Arafura Games. She’s currently a contributing editor at Prevention Australia and the producer of Women’s Agenda‘s podcast series, The Leadership Lessons.

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