Episode 2: My body has a mind of its own!

like everyone else, before my body started the amazing process of creating a human, I knew I’d likely experience nausea – it’s the most common question people ask me when they want to know how my pregnancy has been.

But I didn’t know about all the other potential pregnancy body changes, from the really weird (like how the smell of your wee can get stronger) to the curious (such as the appearance of skin pigmentation), and the weirdly painful (like the brilliantly named “lightning crotch” also known as the less porn-star-sounding name “lightning pain”). And all those pregnancy body changes are what this episode is about.

In this podcast episode:

Me on one of my good boxing days.

0:07 I talk about how my plans to be a super-fit pregnant woman throughout the whole nine months were derailed by my body’s other plans.

My go-to dietitian expert: Chloe McLeod with her daughter.

2:00 Accredited practising dietitian, and co-founder of Health & Performance Collective, Chloe McLeod discusses how to manage nausea, satisfy hot chip cravings and still be healthy.

My gorgeous old work buddy April.

7:15 My friend April talks about how beautiful she felt during pregnancy (while I tell her how I mostly feel like a bowling bowl wearing a tent) plus all the other weird body changes.

12:02 I find a solution to my dizziness and shortness of breath, plus my pelvic pain. No more waddling for me! Okay, I’m still waddling but not as bad.

One of the best GPs around: Dr Ginni Mansberg.

13:24 GP and co-founder of Evidence Skincare (ESK) Dr Ginni Mansberg talks about other unexpected pregnancy body changes (there are so many!) and weird skin conditions that creating a little human can cause.

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Episode show notes

Lightning crotch pain

This article on What To Expect is one of the better ones on the porn-star-name-sounding affliction.


Dr Ginni Mansberg recommends Food Authority NSW’s website for the best information on listeria and the foods to avoid.

The gut and mood link

Here’s the article I wrote about the gut microbiome and how eating more plant foods is associated with better mental health.

The link between a mum’s diet and your bub’s mental health

This is a good article from the Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University explaining the link.

Lizza Gebilagin is a freelance journalist and podcast producer based in Sydney. She’s the former deputy editor of Women’s Health Australia, body + soul, Cleo and Dolly magazines, and co-host and producer of the podcast, Uninterrupted by Women’s Health Australia. She’s also a NSW boxing champion who has competed in the World Championship Qualifiers, National Championships and Arafura Games. She’s currently a contributing editor at Prevention Australia and the producer of Women’s Agenda‘s podcast series, The Leadership Lessons.

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